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"This is My Beloved Son,

Hear Him!"


The Foundation
For New Covenant
Ethics and Ecclesiology


An Extensive Examination and Critique of Historical and Contemporary Views of Christian Ethics and Church Life


By Jon Zens



 I. The "Problem" in Christian Ethics
 II. The True Old Testament Focus: The Person and Work of Christ
 III. The True Relationship of Christ to the Law: To Fulfill and Set Aside
 IV. A True Measure of Obedience: The Work and Words of Christ
 V. A New Covenant, A New Commandment, A New Exodus
 VI. The True Purpose of Law in the History of Mankind
 VII. Paul's Dual View of the Law & Paul's View of Redemptive History
 VIII. Perspectives in Christian Ethics Examined
          The Anabaptist Perspective
          Reformation Perspective
          A Lutheran Perspective
          The Puritan Perspective
          The Dutch Reformed Perspective
          Progressive Reformed Perspective
          A Dispensational Perspective
          Reconstructionism Perspective
          Traditional Reformed Perspective
          A Neo-Evangelical Perspective
          A Changed Perspective
 IX. Practical Implications of Christ as Our Ethical Starting Point
 X. The Pattern of Christ and the Christian Lifestyle
 XI. The Sum of the Matter: "This is My Beloved Son, Hear Him."
 XII. Theological Overview
Editorial Comment